Wed, 07/07/2021 - 15:12

Abbott’s Special Session Agenda Fails to Address True Priorities

Governor ‘More Worried About His Primary Opponents,’ Says HCDP Chair

HARRIS COUNTY, TX — With less than 24 hours to the start of the special legislative session, Governor Abbott released 11 priorities he wants the Texas legislature to act upon.

Odus Evbagharu, Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party, issued the following statement:

“The agenda released for this special session clearly demonstrates where the Governor’s priorities are focused: not helping Texans. A special session costs the people of Texas over $1 million, and instead of investing taxpayer money to help them, the Governor is more worried about his primary opponents.

“There are real issues Texans are dealing with right now. Texas has an unreliable grid needing repairs, has the highest uninsured rate in America, and ranks in the bottom 10 of COVID-19 vaccines administered in the country. Governor Abbott and Republican leadership should be addressing these matters — issues impacting our everyday lives.

“Now, the special session will be focused on empty, red-meat rhetoric, such as suppressing the people’s vote, determining tweet policy, attacking people’s reproductive rights (again), and trying to rewrite history by dictating to teachers what they can teach in school — none of which help make Texan lives better.

“It’s important for Democrats to stay engaged and keep in this fight for the soul of our democracy. Call, email, meet with your legislators and express your displeasure that this special session proclamation is not the people’s agenda.”


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