New Year, New Us

Published December 31, 2017 by Odus Evbagharu #

Hi Friend,

The new year is upon us and here at the Harris County Democratic Party (HCDP) we are excited about the things to come in 2018. This past year gave us some things to mourn about but it also gave us hope, optimism and momentum to build on. Around the country and here locally we saw the resistance work:

  • Progressive democrats elected to all HCCS and HISD trustee positions up for reelection in Harris County
  • New Jersey and Virginia elected democrats to be Governor of their states
  • Places like New Orleans elected LaToya Cantrell, the first black female mayor in its city’s history
  • Danica Roem was elected to the Virginia House of Burgess, making her the state’s first openly transgender delegate 
  • Alabama elected the first democrat to U.S. Senate since 1992 when they hired Doug Jones in December

We witnessed a lot of firsts in the latter part of 2017 and are headed into 2018 with strong momentum, hoping to ride this blue wave for a very long time. For us to build around the progress we have made and make 2018 the bluest of years, HCDP has constructed some New Year’s resolutions: 

This year is where everything changes in Harris County and the state of Texas. To achieve our New Year’s Resolutions, we need all hands on deck and your help.


Become a sustaining member or give a one-time donation of $28, $218 or $2018 to help make lives better.


Or volunteer your time to make a difference in someone’s life and help emphasize the importance of voting.


In Harris County, the time is now and It All Starts Here. We are fighting to make lives better this year and we can’t do it without you. Let’s make sure we start and end 2018 with a bang!


Yes to Making Lives Better in 2018!

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