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Racist, Xenophobic Republican-Backed Bill Receives Backlash in Harris County
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Senate Bill 147, a Republican-backed bill that would bar individuals from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran from purchasing property in Texas has received backlash from elected officials and community leaders in Harris County. 

HCDP Chair, Odus Evbagharu commented on the bill, saying, "SB 147 does not protect Texas land. This piece of legislation targets lawful immigrants with visas and green cards by not allowing them the same economic opportunity that many other people who have immigrated to this country have been afforded." 

A protest, organized by Representative Gene Wu, took place on Monday to oppose the bill. He was joined by a group of outraged speakers and community members who felt personally targeted by the legislation.

"This type of legislation is what we're facing all over again.”  Said Wu, “That we're unable to separate the people who fled countries from those countries themselves, and we cannot stand for this…" 

Texas Republicans argue that SB 147 is aimed at protecting Texas from large land buys by the government bodies and large corporations from the nations mentioned in the legislation, but critics note, “that [the bill] goes after individuals with no ties to a foreign government..."

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See the HCDP press release on SB 147


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