HCDP Committees

Steering Committee

Lillie Schechter, Chair


The Steering Committee serves as an Advisory Committee to the County Chair, and shall act on behalf of the Harris County Democratic Executive Committee in between meetings of the Harris County Democratic Executive Committee as necessary to approve expenditures, adopt resolutions on behalf of the HCDP (subject to being rescinded at the next CEC meeting on the Committee), or other activities on behalf of the Harris County Democratic Executive Committee, and shall serve as the Agenda Committee for the Harris County Democratic Executive Committee. The Steering Committee is composed of the County Chair, Secretary of the County Committee, Treasurer of the County Committee, Chairs of the State Senatorial District Committees, the Secretaries of the State Senatorial District Committees, the Chairs of all Standing Committees, the DNC members from Harris County, person designated by the County Chair as general counsel to HCDP, the state Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) members from every Senatorial District who reside in Harris County, the add-on members of SDEC, At-Large Member of the Steering Committee.

Standing Committee Descriptions

In the table below, Standing Committees are listed with Chair. The chair of each Standing Committee also serves as a part of the County Steering Committee


Rose Salas, Chair

The Rules Committee is responsible for preparing rules for the conduct of all meetings of the Harris County Democratic Executive Committee. These rules are subject to approval by the CEC.


Resha Thomas, Chair

The Primary Committee is responsible for carrying out all those functions provided by the Laws of the State of Texas relating to the administration of the Party's primary. In addition, this committee shall develop recommendations for updates to the Election Code for consideration and action by the CEC.


Lynn Munford, Chair

The Resolutions Committee is responsible for drafting and reviewing all resolutions. The Resolutions Committee shall then recommend resolutions for inclusion in the agenda to the Steering Committee, and then also introduce those resolutions during the CEC meeting (if approved for inclusion in the agenda by the Steering Committee).

Fundraising (Formerly known as Finance)

Rufi Natarajan, Co-Chair

Stephen Abrams-Harrison, Co-Chair

The Finance Committee is responsible for raising funds to finance the budget and any other special projects on behalf of the CEC in consultation with the County Chair and Treasurer.


Adrian Ozuna, Chair

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the books, records, and policies and personnel of the HCDP at least annually, and report in writing to the CEC of such review.

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