Fri, 01/06/2023 - 14:55

GOP Candidate Announces Plan to Contest Harris County Judge Race

Mealer Has ‘Finally Dropped the Facade, Shown Her True Colors,’ Says HCDP Chair

HOUSTON — Nearly two months after the midterm election, Republican Alexandra del Moral Mealer, who lost her bid for Harris County Judge, announced plans on Thursday to contest the results.

Mealer lost the race by close to 16,000 votes. She posted her intentions in a late-night tweet.

HCDP Chair Odus Evbagharu issued the following statement in response to Mealer’s announcement.

“Given that she begrudgingly accepted the 2020 presidential results, it is no surprise Ms. Mealer has done an about-face two months after conceding her own election.

“Minutes before the anniversary date of the insurrection and in the cover of darkness, Ms. Mealer makes this announcement. The audience she is trying to rally is pretty clear.

“It’s like Alex thought, ‘It’s Jan. 6, let’s commemorate the date with a little election denialism.’

“She has finally dropped the facade and shown her true colors. She is exactly who we thought she was: an election denier and a fraud.

“Unfortunately, we can add Alex Mealer’s name to the list of disgruntled GOP candidates who lost their elections but hope to instill doubt in voters’ minds.

“The people of Harris County are the ones hurt by this kind of frivolous challenge because of the time and resources that must be spent on handling it— time and resources that should be spent on improving the lives of county residents.


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