Tue, 08/23/2022 - 18:28

HCDP Chair Calls Out Texas Republican Leaders for ‘Overreach of Authority’

SB23 Announcement ‘Demonstrates a Coordinated Attack on the Jurisdiction of Local Governments’

Houston – Harris County Democratic Party Chair Odus Evbagharu today called out Gov. Greg Abbott and State Comptroller Glenn Hegar for “overreach of authority” after Hegar announced Harris County leaders cannot spend new revenue as a result of GOP-championed Senate Bill 23.

Under the language of SB23, any resident can challenge a local funding decision with a claim that the intent of the decision is to withdraw funding for law enforcement.

The governor’s announcement “demonstrates a coordinated attack on the jurisdiction of local governments to determine how to spend local funds,” Evbagharu said.

“The funds in question are from roll-over accounts, surpluses that go back into a general fund to be reallocated.”

“The irony is that state leaders are attacking local government in the name of public safety for applying leftover funds to public safety initiatives,” he said.

“This is evidence of continued overreach by State Republican leaders. We’ve seen it in Gov. Abbott’s calls to investigate parents of children transitioning gender, we’ve seen it in how Abbott worked to prevent cities and counties from enacting COVID safety measures, and we see it in the draconian abortion laws Texas Republicans have passed in our state.

“Harris County leaders have funded law enforcement at historic levels. While the GOP is playing politics in an effort to score cheap political points, Democrats have been hard at work to make our communities safer.

“Just last week, Harris County leaders announced a four-year $150 million public safety investment designed to further reduce crime in Harris County. I encourage everyone to visit the SAFEHARRIS.COM website to learn about the substantial investment and effort being made by local officials to continue improving community safety.

“Rather than trying to micromanage decisions by Harris County voters and leaders, shouldn’t Gov. Abbott and the rest of the Texas GOP be focused on addressing real issues? We still haven’t heard him call for a special session on school safety. And we’ve been waiting quite a while for that.”


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