Fri, 01/08/2021 - 13:00


HCDP Joins Texas Democratic Party in Calling for Resignation of Sen. Ted Cruz

HCDP Chair Calls for ‘Immediate Investigation' into Cruz' Role in Fueling the Capitol Chaos

The Harris County Democratic Party joins the Texas Democratic Party, along with several other Democratic elected officials and statewide leaders, in calling for the resignation of Sen. Ted Cruz for his part in inciting the seditious and treasonous acts witnessed at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“Cruz is not fit to represent the good people of Texas, and we can no longer allow him to serve one of the highest offices in our country,” said Lillie Schechter, Harris County Democratic Party Chair. “How can we with a clear conscience allow him to continue in this role after witnessing the dangerous consequences of his politically fed motives and thirst for power at any cost?

“He is driven by his political ambition and not by what is best for our citizens,” Schechter said. “His actions will long be remembered as a stain on our state, and to keep him in office would be an embarrassment to the office he holds, to the great state of Texas and to our country.”

“The Justice Department must investigate Cruz’ actions and how they incited the violent attack that transpired in the U.S. Capitol building,” she said.


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