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Houston Rally Will Call Out NRA, GOP for Responsibility in Gun Deaths

‘Republican Leaders Have Chosen Not to Make the Safety of Their Constituents Their No. 1 Priority,’ Says HCDP Chair

We Demand Justice - Don't Look Away Rally

Houston — Individuals from across Texas are mobilizing for a rally in Houston on Friday to demand “swift and strong action” against the gun violence that continues to devastate our neighborhoods, schools and families.

The “Don’t Look Away” event is timed to coincide with the National Rifle Association's annual member meeting, which takes place in Houston this weekend.

“Every single speaker at the NRA event this weekend bears responsibility for the innocent lives lost to gun violence,” said Harris County Democratic Party Chair Odus Evbagharu.

“The NRA and Republican leaders like Gregg Abbott and Ted Cruz continue to obstruct the passage of laws restricting gun ownership in any way,” Evbagharu said. “They choose to ignore the fact that the majority of Americans favor tougher gun laws.

“While Texas is grieving from the mass shooting in Uvalde, the NRA and Republican leaders are going to meet to celebrate America’s unhindered and unregulated access to guns — access that is destroying lives.

“At the Don’t Look Away Rally, we are calling out both the NRA and our Republican leaders for continuing to champion lax gun laws — all for political and financial gain.

“We are aggressively pushing for gun reforms that would save lives, and we are calling for swift and strong action to address the continued surge in gun violence across the country.

“We cannot allow Republican leaders to continue to thwart common-sense measures, like banning assault-style weapons or requiring background checks for firearms sold or traded at gun shows.

“Republican leaders have chosen not to make the safety of their constituents their No. 1 priority, and we are gathering to loudly and clearly tell them: In November we will be voting for leaders who put their constituents' safety first.

“We must do everything we can to prevent another gut-wrenching tragedy like the one in Uvalde,” Evbagharu said.

The “Don’t Look Away” rally will take place from noon to 3 PM on Friday, May 27, at Discovery Green in Houston. More information here.

Event hosts include Black Lives Matter Houston, Indivisible Houston, Moms Demand Action, FIEL Houston, March for Our Lives, Houston Federation of Teachers, Texas American Federation of Teachers, Aldine AFT, Houston Rising, Pantsuit Republic Houston and the Harris County Democratic Party.


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