Tue, 05/24/2022 - 20:25

Last-Minute Election Lawsuit Filed by Local GOP a ‘Manufactured Attempt to Sow Distrust,’ Says HCDP Chair

‘Republicans Continue to Echo False Claims of Fraud as a Tactic to Cling to Political Power’

Houston —The Harris County Democratic Party on Tuesday called a last-minute election lawsuit filed by the local Republican Party a “manufactured attempt to sow distrust and cause chaos in the May 24 Primary Runoff election.

“In what is becoming an unfortunate tradition, the Harris County Republican Party has once again disrupted the electoral process by filing suit with the Texas Supreme Court halfway through election day," said HCDP Chair Odus Evbagharu.

The GOP suit is an attempt to stop County Election Administrator Isabel Longoria from using constables and deputized election clerks to return ballots and equipment to the central counting station at the end of the election day.

“This is a part of a GOP pattern. Republicans continue to echo these false claims of fraud as a tactic to cling to political power.

“Not only does the County Election Administrator have a right to run a smooth election, but election judges are allowed to designate the individuals they want to return ballots and equipment to central count.

“The EAs office successfully used constables in the May 7 election, and the GOP had no problem at that time. Now, someone wakes up on Election Day and suddenly thinks law enforcement officials and deputized election officers are an issue?

“It’s hypocritical of the GOP to want to send out its own hired vigilante ‘election brigade’ to do pickups instead of law enforcement and properly deputized election officers.

“This Republican political game is going to cause confusion for election workers across the county. This is a bad-faith lawsuit no matter how you look at it. The Harris County Republicans should not be granted any kind of emergency relief.

“Rather than helping frontline election workers to make this process work, County Republicans are working overtime promoting false claims of fraud. These efforts are a blatant attempt to screw up this election.”


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May 24, 2022
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