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LIVESTREAM REPLAY: 2020 Harris County Joint Senate District Convention

Below are the two files/links referenced in the video:

Rules & Resolutions Form

Sign Up to be a delegate (deadline Monday 3/23/20 @ 6pm)


UPDATED Friday, March 20th, 2020

Due to updates to COVID-19 policies, the Joint Harris County Convention will now be held at HCDP. Due to limitations on the number of recommended attendance, we regret that onsite registration will not be available.  The Pro-Forma Convention will be live-streamed via the HCDP Facebook Page at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 21, 2020 on Facebook.  Register here


The convention will be conducted as follows:


The Chair and the Nominations Committee will create a delegate list to the State Convention from those who registered online and those who register in person, and adding additional names for thirty days following the convention. Therefore, in-person attendance is NOT REQUIRED nor ENCOURAGED to be selected as a state delegate.

We are amending the schedule of the Joint Senate District Convention to NOT INCLUDE ANY CAUCUSES. It is the Chair’s intent to conduct the meeting pro-forma.


If you wish to be a delegate to the State Convention, please register online for the convention and follow the instructions below to indicate you want to be a delegate. Delegate apportionment for each Senate District  is based on the rules set by the Texas Democratic Party (TDP).  We will also have a process for people to submit resolutions and rules changes.  A separate email to those who register will be sent with the details later.



Sign up here to REGISTER for the convention and be sure to check your email for confirmation and more details.


Remember that attendance is not required, nor encouraged so please plan to watch the convention from home. We will be streaming the abbreviated convention on Facebook Live.



10 AM – 11AM Convention Proceedings will be streamed via Facebook Live.



We will be streaming the convention via our Facebook page





Do I have to attend the convention to be a state delegate?

It is not necessary to attend this convention to be a state delegate, but to be considered, you must fill out the Request for State At Large Delegate Considerations Form and return it to 2020HarrisCountyConvention@gmail.com. 


Why can't the convention be canceled?

As it turns out, Texas law (Texas Election Code § 174.061) requires that a convention be held (to select delegates to the Party’s state convention) and the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party require that it be conducted on the third Saturday after the primary election (this year, March 21). So, we can neither postpone nor cancel the convention. However, we can abbreviate and stream the proceedings of the convention, and, after consultation with officials of the Texas Democratic Party and the Steering Committee of the Harris County Democratic Party, that is what we are going to do.

What should I do if I am feeling ill or in an at-risk group?

If you are feeling ill or at high-risk, it is recommended that you remain at home and use the above form if you wish be a delegate to the state convention in San Antonio (June 4-6).

Who nominates committee members?

Senate District Chairs will nominate all the members of the committees - Credentials, Nominations, Joint Rules and Joint Resolutions and communicate the nominations to their Senate District Precinct Chairs via email to ratify their nominations.

What about the Joint Resolutions and Rules Committee?

The Joint Resolutions and Rules Committees will meet post convention and before the state convention. All rules and resolutions must be submitted by March 28th using the Resolutions and Rules Submissions Form. 

What about all the hard work put into this convention?

This is very disappointing, as the senate districts have been working diligently for almost a year to produce a tremendous and energizing convention to get Harris County Democrats revved up for the coming election. Once we resume normal activities, we will have activities all over the county leading up to the general election and TOGETHER WE WILL WIN IN NOVEMBER. 

Meanwhile, we will do everything in our power to keep folks safe and well and trust you will understand the accommodations we have had to make in deference to the current situation.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2020 Joint Senate District Convention click here for details on sponsorship opportunities.