Tue, 10/15/2019 - 19:05

RELEASE: Harris County Democratic Party Statement on 
House Speaker Bonnen and Empower Texas Recording

It's worse than we thought. There's no longer any doubt after today's release of the recording between Republican House Speaker Bonnen and Empower Texas' Michael Quinn Sullivan that there is an ethical vacuum in the leadership of the Texas House. 

The Harris County Democratic Party firmly believes that Speaker Bonnen should be held accountable for his ethical breach of trust as well as any legal violations suggested in the phone call in question. 

From President Trump to the Texas House, Quid Pro Quo deals may be politics as usual for the GOP but DO NOT represent the values of Texas voters.  And unfortunately, now we are left wondering how many similar conversations the Speaker has had attempting to broker deals undermining the will of the voters?

From Bonnen's disgusting homophobic remarks to his full assault on local governmental control, this phone call should be alarming to all Texans regardless of political affiliation. 

"In this office...any mayor, county judge who's dumbass enough to come meet with me, I told them with great clarity, my goal is for this to be the worst session in the history of the Legislature for cities and counties." - Speaker Bonnen 

Texas voters deserve better than this.