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For Immediate Release
May 9, 2020
DJ Ybarra, 713-805-0082,

Harris County Democrats Thank Dr. Diane Trautman For Service To Harris County

Houston, TX – On Saturday, May 9, Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman announced she will be resigning due to health concerns effective May 31, 2020.

Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lillie Schechter issued the following statement:

“We thank Dr. Diane Trautman for her record of service to Harris County. From the beginning of her term, Dr. Trautman has been committed to protecting and expanding the fundamental right to vote for all Harris County residents by making it easier for citizens to participate in elections. At the first Commissioners Court meeting as Harris County Clerk, she led the charge to allow voters for the first time ever to cast a ballot at any polling location on Election Day. She expanded voting locations to include colleges and universities and expanded early voting days and hours. These achievements removed impediments to voting rights and will have an enduring impact in protecting our democracy.

Most recently, Dr. Trautman pushed for mail ballot voting, securing up to $12 million from Commissioners Court to ensure residents can vote safely, by mail if necessary, or at the polling location.

Commissioners Court will appoint an interim clerk to serve until November 2020, when a new clerk will be elected. The Democratic and Republican parties will each put forth a nominee that will be decided by a vote of their County Executive Committees for the November 2020 Election.

We wish Dr. Trautman and her family well and hope for positive news to come.”