If you’ve made the plunge are planning to run for office NEXT YEAR, we’re collecting information to plan for upcoming trainings and resources for candidates for the 2020 Democratic Primary.


If you’re going to be on the March 2020 ballot please complete this form.    

Candidate Resources

Want want to run for office and don’t know where to get started.


Have you identified which office you’re interested in running for? Do you know how you get on the ballot, raise money, get volunteers, tell your story?  


Here’s some resources for you to help get you started. 


All of the filing deadlines and important dates are on this website: 

Texas Secretary of State Elections Information 

Here you'll find all the details to get your campaign treasurer filed and all campaign finance rules, forms and dates.


Get to know the HCDP Clubs/Orgs.

The Texas Democratic Party has tons of resources for candidates and if you plan to purchase VAN you will need to contact then. 


Organizations That Offer Candidate Training 

Annie's List 

The Arena  

Run for Something 

Emily’s List

The Collective 

Emerge America 

National Democratic Training Committee

Victory Fund


Please contact us at or use our Contact Us form if you have questions or concerns. You may also call us at 713-802-0085

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