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For Immediate Release
Oct. 7, 2020

State Supreme Court Rules Harris County Cannot Send Mail Ballot Applications to All Registered Voters

‘Republicans Are Working Hard to Suppress Our Ability to Vote,’ Says HCDP Chair

The Texas Supreme Court today ruled that Harris County cannot send vote-by-mail applications to all its registered voters. Applications have already been sent to those 65 and older, but the all-Republican court said Harris County Clerk Chris Collins cannot send them to the remaining 2.4 million individuals who are registered to vote.

“Even during a pandemic, Republicans are working hard to suppress our ability to vote,” said Lillie Schechter, Harris Democratic Party Chair.

“We recognize that this is part of the Republican electoral strategy,” Schechter said. “It’s a shameful practice that we continue to fight every day.

“Democratic voters are not letting this discourage them. Our vote is our voice, and Republican tactics to silence us will not be successful.”

She added that the county has taken steps to make voting easier this year, including increasing the number of early vote locations, adding drive-thru voting and offering 24-hour voting at seven sites on Oct. 29.

“On Election Day voters can cast their ballots at any voting location,” Schechter said. “And anyone who is voting by mail can now track where their ballot is in the system.”

Visit for more information about vote-by-mail tracking, as well as voting locations and hours.


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