Thu, 02/18/2021 - 18:57


RELEASE: Harris County Democratic Party Statement on Sen. Ted Cruz

“Ted Cruz’s appalling decision to abandon his constituents during a time of crisis is just one of many examples of how he has failed to do his job and why we continue to call for his resignation.Texans have a long history of lending a helping hand and standing by each other in times of crisis, especially in Houston where we have had to deal with some of the worst Hurricane disasters in history. We don’t bail, we stay and help. It is inexcusable that one of our leaders could so effortlessly abandon us during a time of great suffering.

“While millions of Cruz's constituents were suffering without the basic necessities of water and warmth he was on a flight to Cancun. People have died and millions will be displaced and continue to feel the effects of this crisis for months. We need leadership we can depend on. We need effective leaders whose character is reflective of the great people of Texas and not power-hungry politicians who time and time again put their self-interest above all else. In short, we don’t need Ted Cruz.

“His lame explanation for leaving was not an apology or even an excuse. Like his ability to lead, it fell very short. His lack of empathy is a direct reflection of his lack of character. As a party we are committed to restoring the kind of leadership all Texans deserve and we are working hard to ensure bad politicians no longer play a role in deciding what’s best for Texas.

Leading by example is what Democrats have always been about, and soon there will be an opportunity for voters to remember who stood with them, who served the people that elected them to lead and who planned to serve themselves another margarita on a beach in Cancun.”


For Immediate Release
Feb. 18, 2021
Angelica Luna-Kaufman
(713) 429-2104