Mon, 06/20/2022 - 15:19

Texas GOP Embraces Extremist Party Platform

‘Radical, Far-Right Agenda Threatens the Rights of Women, People of Color & LGBTQ Individuals,’ Says HCDP Chair

Houston — Texas Republicans voted this weekend to adopt a “radical, far-right agenda that threatens the rights of women, people of color and LGBTQ individuals,” said Harris County Democratic Party Chair Odus Evbagharu, after members of the state Republican Party embraced a platform driven by extremist views of the Trump wing of the GOP.

The GOP platform declares President Biden’s election illegitimate, refers to being gay as “abnormal,” urges the repeal of the Voting Rights Act, and calls for a ban on teaching “sexual matters.”

“This is an agenda driven by irrational fear and shared resentment, and does nothing to serve the people of Texas. ” Evbagharu said.

“Adoption of this extremist platform is another example of how low members of the Republican Party will go to gain power.

“Voters should be deeply concerned that state Republican leaders — like Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, and Ted Cruz — have aligned themselves with conspiracy theorists, haters and extremists.

“This embrace of far-right views carries to county-level Republicans as well,” Evbagharu said. “Local GOP leaders like Jack Cagle and candidates like Alexandra del Moral Mealer and Republican judicial nominees continue to support lies about election fraud and champion the ultra-MAGA agenda.

“Texas Republicans are not only damaging our Democracy — they are flat-out rejecting it,” Evbagharu said.

“Voters must push back against the anti-American sentiment espoused by the GOP. We do that by continuing to mobilize and prepare for the election in November.

“Texas voters must fight this extremist GOP agenda at the ballot box by voting for those who will protect our rights and not reject them.”


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