Voting rights are under attack in Texas. Help us fight back and ensure that every eligible Harris County voter has the opportunity to vote!


Become an Election Worker

  • Election workers run polling locations. They welcome voters, check them in, help them resolve any technical issues, and thank them for exercising their civic duty.

  • Time commitment: requires attending training plus service at the polling location from roughly 5:00 am until at least 8:00 pm.

  • Payment: $17/hour

  • Qualifications: Harris County registered voter
           **Note that we cannot guarantee employment.**

Become a Poll Watcher

  • Poll watchers are the eyes and ears of our Voter Protection efforts. They are assigned to polling locations to sit inside, observe whether everything is running smoothly, and keep our team of Voter Protection attorneys informed.

  • Time commitment: one-hour online training, one-hour supplemental online HCDP training, and at least 2 hours either during Early Vote or on Election Day.

  • Payment: none

  • Qualifications: Harris County registered voter

Become a Poll Monitor

  • Poll monitors are sent to polling locations to help with any issues that develop outside the polling location. Poll monitors pass out water to people waiting in line and let our Voter Protection attorneys know what’s happening outside.

  • Time commitment: any 2 hours on Election Day.

  • Payment: none

  • Qualifications: willingness and ability to spend time outside helping to protect voting rights

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