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HCDP Executive Director Job Description

Please email a cover letter and resume to by 19March2018 for consideration.


Harris County holds the key to turning Texas blue. As the third largest county in the nation—with a population of more than four million people—it is larger in population than 25 states and is the largest swing county in the United States.

While President Obama narrowly won the county by 971 votes in 2012, Republicans won many countywide down ballot offices, including District Attorney and several civil and criminal benches.

But just four years later, in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the county with the largest margin for a Democrat in decades. She won by 161,959 votes—a 12 percent win over Trump. And Democrats went on to sweep all county wide offices, including District Attorney, Sheriff, and all judicial races. By comparison, Clinton won the entire state of Nevada—a state with a similar sized electorate—by only 26,434 votes.

While Austin and Travis County get more attention, Houston and Harris County are the true progressive center of Texas. In 2016, Harris County delivered more than 200,000 votes for Clinton than the total number of people who voted for Clinton in Austin’s Travis County. And yet, even with all these recent Democratic wins in Harris County, there is still room to gain even more Democratic voters. Harris County has the largest group of unregistered or non-voting potential Democrats that can turn Texas blue. The next executive director of the Harris County Democratic Party will make that change happen.


The Executive Director (ED) is the staff management leader for the Harris County Democratic Party (HCDP). The ED is responsible for overseeing the administration, finances, and programs of the organization while focusing on winning elections for Democrats in a complex and competitive political environment. As the staff management leader, the ED is responsible for managing office personnel effectively and efficiently to ensure the office is open, welcoming, and goal-oriented. The HCDP currently employs 10 full-time staff members for fundraising, communications, special events, and the county wide coordinated campaign.

The ED’s other key duties include working with the Harris County Democratic Party Chair to develop office budget goals, organize special events, and oversee the management of the county’s Democratic volunteer and field programs.

The ED reports directly to the Party Chair.


HCDP Values

  • Work hand-in-hand with the Party Chair, Executive Committee (CEC), staff, and volunteers
  • Inspire staff and volunteers to collaborate with elected officials, partners, and allies
  • Conduct quarterly CEC meetings and standing steering committee meetings in accordance with the HCDP Rules & Bylaws
  • Prepare online and print meeting packets, reports, and other materials for CEC and steering committee meetings
  • Collaborate with the Communications Director on the monthly calendar, all written and online correspondence, press releases, and appropriate and timely public responses to current events and the Republican agenda
  • Collaborate with the Party Chair on the master events calendar, office schedule, campaign activities, trainings, and community outreach events such as Brown Bag, and Talk of the Town
  • Establish and maintain media relationships
  • Grow grassroots leadership through values-based trainings, issue forums, and other creative ideas
Financial Performance

  • Create an annual budget for approval by the CEC of anticipated monthly revenues and expenses
  • Work with the Finance Director to update the budget on a monthly basis to reflect actual revenues and expenses
  • Prepare budget reports for the Party Chair, CEC, and Treasurer
  • Prepare other financial reports as needed
  • Oversee day-to-day finances to ensure financial stability
  • Collaborate with the Party Chair to create, manage, and implement a fundraising plan that includes proposals to state and national partners, call time, special events, and a monthly donor program

Employee Development & Operations

  • Manage HCDP employees
  • Perform yearly performance reviews of staff
  • Organize employee development and training opportunities
  • Create, maintain, and revise (as needed) employee job descriptions and employee roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure the campaign staff develops precinct chair and candidate training programs
  • Work with local, state, and national partners to provide efficient and effective candidate and volunteer training opportunities
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date voter contact records and volunteer data
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the employees and volunteers to ensure the organization’s values and goals are met
  • Implement a volunteer database and volunteer job description to recruit and organize HCDP volunteers
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Party Chair

Please contact us at or use our Contact Us form if you have questions or concerns.

Help us turn Texas BLUE!

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